Access Control Systems

Access control systems afford us the opportunity to secure premises without the use of keys. At Fleming Electrical & Engineering Ltd we can advise you on the various different configurations for access control and we are always happy to assist our customers to select the most appropriate configuration for their premises.

Access Control Configurations

ACT Single Door

The Act Single Door configuration allows one door to be controlled by a key pad or a swipe card/fob reader. This door will only open if the correct code or appropriate card/fob is used.

ACT Smart 1-8 Doors PC based unit

The Act Smart System is a simple PC based system which will work on up to 8 doors and will create a log recording who has entered an area and at what time. The system will take up to 1000 users in 16 user groups.


The Act Pro system allows up to 30,000 users, 1000 user groups and 1000 doors. The system has the added advantage of recording details which can be used for payroll purposes.