Fire Alarms - Commissioning/Certification

At Fleming Electrical & Engineering Ltd we can provide installation, certification and commissioning of all fire alarm equipment.

What is Fire Alarm Commissioning

For a simple fire alarm system in a small building, our commissioning consultants would test various elements of your fire alarm. A Test would probably include: smoke detectors, strobes, horns, smoke damper closure, flow switches, tamper switches, and hvac shutdown. The commissioning consultant would simultaneously check these various devices. However, further commissioning of these devices would be quantitative in nature. For example, horn sound levels would be measured with a decibel meter and duct smoke detectors with air probes would be measured for differential pressure across the air probes.

In addition, the commissioning consultant would test features of the fire alarm control panel. A control panel features test includes a check for "trouble alarms" by simulating: missing devices, wire shorts, wire grounds, open circuits, and miscellaneous battery tests including a 24-hour battery test with the normal power disconnected.

For a complex fire alarm system in a large building, the code official test would probably be about the same as for a simple system. The test would, of course, take more time but would not necessarily be more in-depth.

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Fire Alarm Commisioning