The 24 hour security guard that does not sleep

With a wealth of experience installing CCTV systems for customers large and small, Fleming Electrical & Engineering Ltd would be delighted to advise you on your security requirements.

With continued advances in technology, CCTV systems have become an affordable option for the home & industrial market.

Systems can vary greatly depending on individual requirements &can range from a couple of camera's protecting your home to systems that cover vast areas of commercial premises.

At Fleming Electrical & Engineering Ltd we can supply cameras that will give you clear vision, both day and night. Images captured by your system are recorded on hard disk digital recorders, where countless hours of video will be retained. In addition, Specific events may "burnt" onto DVD for use by the Gardai should the need arise.

In summary, the systems we supply can be used to:

  1. record on a constant basis
  2. record when there is activity in the area
  3. Patrol and Sensor. The camera can be set to patrol an area on a constant basis and when activity happens the camera can follow the activity.
  4. Remote Viewing. Camera’s can be viewed remotely through an internet connection
  5. Remote Monitoring. Camera’s can be monitored by a security firm and they can take the appropriate action when required.