Core Drilling

At Fleming Electrical & Engineering Ltd we provide core drilling services to our clients throughout Ireland and the UK.

Using the latest Diamond Drilling techniques we can create precise circular cuts to facilitate plumbing, electrical and heating/ventilation installations. In addition, core drilling can be used to create exact holes/channels suitable for routing cables, placing anchor bolts, installing load carrying devices or simply to retrieve a core for concrete sample analysis.

Using the very latest in hi-tech machines, we offer the following specialist drilling and concrete cutting services:

Diamond Core Drilling Hydro Cutting
Diamond Wall & Floor Sawing Chain Sawing
Diamond Wall Chasing Floor Preparation
Bursting, Crunching & Controlled Demolition

As experts in our field, we pride ourselves on the professional service we provide to our clients in many diverse industries.

If you have a Core Drilling project, please feel free to contact us or to call Ritchie direct on 087 2934776.

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