Thermographic Surveys

What is a Thermographic Survey ?

Thermographic surveys can be used as part of a predictive maintenance programme to identify problems that may result in breakdown, causing business interruptions, loss of production or problems which may become serious enough to represent a safety risk, such as overheating which may result in fire.

Thermographic surveys can be used in almost any organisation as a means of highlighting areas where heat loss and wastage can be minimized resulting in lower operating costs and lower carbon emissions.

Thermographic surveys are not just suitable for identifying problems with equipment that are liable to get hot. Every object with a temperature above absolute zero (-273C), emit infra red radiation. As a result thermal imaging can identify issues with virtually any system. Furnaces, central heating systems and refrigeration systems all emit infra red radiation and potentially savings and/or problems can be quickly and easily identified.

At Fleming Electrical & Engineering Ltd we employ the very latest thermographic technology to detect cold spots in your premises or hot spots in your electrical systems, thus saving you money, improving reliability of your equipment and indentifying health and safety hazards. On Completion of a thermographic survey we can supply data and images as requested.

thermographic surveys detecting hotspots
thermographic surveys detecting hotspots detecting hotspots detecting hotspots