P.A.T. Testing

What is P.A.T. Testing?

The term 'Portable Appliance' relates to all moveable electrical items within an organisation and includes such items as office machinery, computers, copiers, fax machines, kettles and extension leads etc.

In line with current regulations, Portable Appliance Testing should be conducted each year to ensure that all portable or transportable electrical equipment is maintained in a safe condition thus ensuring that person's and property are risk free.


The Safety, Health Welfare at Work regulation 2001 Statutory Instrument number 188 2001 states that every portable appliance must be tested once a year
P.A.T. Test results must be retained for 5 years & must be made available for inspection by inspectors from the Health Safety Authority

What we do

At Fleming Electrical & Engineering Ltd, we provide a professional and cost effective P.A.T. testing service. Our commitment to high standards, ensures that all our engineers are trained to City & Guilds 2377 standard.

On completion of P.A.T. Test, we will supply a certificate of compliance & safety, detailing each appliance tested. In addition we will supply bar code identification of all your appliances.

The P.A.T. Test Process

1 Preliminary Visual Inspection
Visually check each appliance for safety of the plug, fuse, wiring, cable and protective casing.
2Earth Bond Testing
The safety of certain appliances depends largely on the quality of the connection with its earth. Testing is carried out using electrical test equipment to ensure a safe earth is present in the appliance.
3 Insulation Testing
Testing is carried out using electrical test equipment to ensure the insulation resistance in the appliance is at a safe level
4 Flash Testing
Testing is carried out to measure the insulation of an appliance against the sudden appliance of a very high voltage
5 Load Test
A load test is carried out by applying a voltage through a current limiting resistor to the mains supply plug to check that the current flow will not be excessive when full voltage is applied to an appliance.
6 Earth Leakage Measurements
A test is carried out to monitor the current flow through the earth lead of the appliance. This test is of particular value when an appliance incorporates a number of sequences which may change the electrical characteristics of the appliance during its operation.
7Functional Check
A functional check is carried out to ensure that the appliance is working correctly
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